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The SCHRC Board of Directors knows that the need for all members to more effectively manage HR-related risk and employment law compliance remains constant. Today’s political and legal landscape creates a level of risk, confusion, challenges and chaos that employers have not seen in the past. The regulations that govern today’s workplace in Massachusetts are extensive and expanding and reach employers of all sizes and in all industry sectors – each and every one of our members. Compliance obligations are burdensome and the corresponding liability and exposure for business owners, managers, and supervisors is extraordinary. In fact, the cost to settle an employment law suit has tripled during the last five years alone, to an average of more than $300,000. The average compensatory award in federal employment cases now exceeds $500,000. Unfortunately, there is no end in sight to this trend.

The SCHRC Program Committee through member feedback has identified employment law compliance as a top concern and priority for current and prospective members.

We created the General Counsel role for our organization to bring calm to the chaos. The Board and the Program Committee are very pleased to announce that all SCHRC members in good standing will receive the following new special members-only benefits to allow members to keep pace with their compliance obligations and thereby more effectively manage HR-related risk:

  • Gratis (no cost) telephonic access to Attorney Michael E. Foley, in his role as SCHRC General Counsel, during Mike’s SCHRC Office Hours:
    • Click here for an overview of the role of the SCHRC General Counsel;
    • Click here for an overview of the General Counsel’s Office Hours benefit;
    • Click here for Mike’s bio.
  • Mike Foley, will prepare a semi-monthly SCHRC General Counsel Employment Law Report. This will be a blog-type newsletter that will help all members keep pace with the constantly changing laws and regulations that govern their workplace, including best practices. That Employment Law Report will be issued the first and third Tuesday of each month. Each of Mike’s semi-monthly General Counsel Employment Law Reports will be posted on the SCHRC website for member convenience and easy access.

We hope these new special benefits help bring some calm to the chaos.


The SouthCoast Human Resources Council was born in 2003 as the result of a partnership between two local area human resources associations-The Greater Fall River Human Resources Council and the New Bedford Personnel Directors’ Association.

Each group was established independently some 45 years ago and grew out of a need to share information among some of the larger manufacturing entities that existed at that time. However, with the decline of manufacturing in the area, the membership broadened to include representatives from banking, healthcare, insurance, government, education, retail and employment services.

In 2002, several members affiliated with both councils advocated for a merger between the two associations. Coinciding with the advent of the “South Coast” region, the union made sense. Out of the merger came a revived and more vital organization. Affiliation with the local area Chambers of Commerce has enhanced the ability of the Council to reach out to the small business community.